So I’m observing a way forward. I have a place to stay. I have a job which will pay the bills. So I can shift into training for a better job. I’m thinking web developer. I can spend my days learning the ins and outs of word press or I could follow another curriculum. I […]
So I’m ignorant. I know little of the business world. I’m anticipating becoming acclimated within three years of working. This is merely dipping my toe in. As far as reaching my peak potential of value creation, who knows. I’ll need to know myself much better for that. Since I graduated from University with a degree […]
I have more malaise than Jimmy Carter during his sweater speech. I just have this feeling of ugh. So I’m planning action. I’m going to take photos today for my blog and going to the grocery store. Hot day today I need to be earning money. I have a college degree. I should be able […]
So why am I setting myself up? My curriculum is equivalent to a PHD in mathematics and business. Alright you can argue what the equivalent of a PHD is, I won’t be reading papers and creating new knowledge, but I will get a grounding in the tips and tricks of scientific thought. The kind that […]
It’s after midnight and I’m listening to the fireworks outside of my apartment in Austin, Texas. I feel like I’ve lit a fuse. Not that I’m about to explode. I feel as though this is time for me to shine. Alchemy Accounts needs to take shape. While a blog about schizophrenia might be compelling and […]
I just scarfed a pizza from Dominoes. The thing about schizophrenia is sometimes you just don’t care. I don’t know if this falls under self esteem, which I know mine is rather poor. I’ve soothed myself with food so much I’m sixty pounds over weight. In my head I refer to myself as my being, […]
I just secured an apartment for the next year. Thank you parents. This is good for my mental health as I don’t have to worry about housing. The flux in my brain even seems firmer. I’m still smoking as this helps with the depression. My summer reading plans are Paradise Lost and The Education of […]
So I intend to quit smoking. I really do. I currently smoke when stressed which with a menial job is quite often. I also intend to lose weight. The problem here is that I am not motivated to quit smoking. I think my brain receives stimulation from the tobacco. Which with all the negative thoughts […]
I read a book recently called “The Road Less Traveled.” The thesis of the work was mental health being equivalent to spiritual health. If this is the case overcoming schizophrenia is the mystical quest or journey into self realization. I’m aware I have character traits and qualities and attributes. I just couldn’t really name them […]
November 2020
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